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Chef Noboru Arai


- Noboru Arai, hailing from the bustling city of Tokyo, embarked on his culinary journey with a mission to fuse the essence of French gastronomy with the vibrant culinary landscape of his hometown.
- Influenced by his upbringing in Tokyo's diverse neighborhoods, Arai sought to establish a restaurant that harmonized with the local community while showcasing the elegance of French cuisine.
- With a deep-rooted connection to his cultural heritage and an unwavering passion for culinary exploration, Arai inaugurated "Simplicité", where he introduces his distinctive interpretation of contemporary Japanese cuisine.


- "Simplicité" has garnered acclaim as one of the premier dining destinations in Tokyo, earning accolades as a standout establishment in the city's culinary scene.
- Arai's commitment to culinary excellence and his innovative culinary creations have propelled "Simplicité" to prominence, earning recognition as a distinguished culinary institution in Tokyo.
- Through his restaurant, Arai endeavors to redefine the culinary landscape of Tokyo by blending traditional Japanese flavors with modern techniques, captivating diners with dishes that showcase his culinary prowess and creativity.


- Chef Noboru Arai's culinary philosophy is deeply rooted in a profound appreciation for the culinary traditions of both Japan and France.
- He believes that food possesses the remarkable ability to transcend cultural boundaries, fostering connections and fostering understanding between diverse communities.
- Arai's culinary approach emphasizes the importance of quality, authenticity, and innovation, as he strives to create dining experiences that honor the rich heritage of Japanese cuisine while embracing the elegance and sophistication of French gastronomy.

Equipment and Services

  • Air conditioning
  • Interesting wine list

Credit cards accepted

  • Amex
  • Diners club international
  • Japan Credit Bureau
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Credit cards accepted

  • Amex

  • Diners club international

  • Japan Credit Bureau

  • Mastercard

  • Visa

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  • Tuesday Closed
  • Wednesday 11h30 - 19h30
  • Thursday 11h30 - 19h30
  • Friday 11h30 - 19h30
  • Saturday 11h30 - 19h30
  • Sunday 11h30 - 19h30

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