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About Chef

Chef Kikuchi


- A Tokyo native, began his culinary journey with a passion for blending the rich flavors of Japanese and European cuisines.
- Growing up surrounded by the vibrant culinary scene of Tokyo, Chef Kikuchi was inspired by the fusion of cultures in his hometown and sought to create a dining experience that reflects this diversity.
- With a deep appreciation for both Japanese and European culinary traditions, Chef Kikuchi opened Bistro Simba to offer a unique fusion of flavors that pays homage to his upbringing and culinary influences.


- Bistro Simba has quickly gained acclaim as one of Tokyo's premier dining destinations, earning Chef Kikuchi recognition for his innovative approach to fusion cuisine.
- Under Chef Kikuchi's leadership, Bistro Simba has received rave reviews from critics and patrons alike, solidifying its reputation as a must-visit culinary hotspot in Tokyo.
- Chef Kikuchi's commitment to excellence and his ability to seamlessly blend Japanese and European flavors have propelled Bistro Simba to the forefront of Tokyo's competitive dining scene.


- Chef Kikuchi's culinary philosophy is grounded in a deep respect for the traditions of both Japanese and European cuisines.
- He believes in the transformative power of food to evoke emotions and create connections between people from different cultures.
- Through his innovative culinary creations, Chef Kikuchi aims to celebrate the diversity of flavors and ingredients, showcasing the harmonious fusion of Japanese and European culinary traditions at Bistro Simba.

Equipment and Services

  • Air conditioning
  • Meals at the counter

Credit cards accepted

  • Amex
  • Diners club international
  • Japan Credit Bureau
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Credit cards accepted

  • Amex

  • Diners club international

  • Japan Credit Bureau

  • Mastercard

  • Visa

  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday Closed
  • Wednesday 17h30 - 1h00
  • Thursday 17h30 - 1h00
  • Friday 17h30 - 1h00
  • Saturday 17h30 - 1h00
  • Sunday 17h30 - 0h00

All the time ranges are in local time

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